Jun 10, 2013

Killer Instinct And Panzer Dragoon Return - To The Xbox One

If you think about it it was kind of funny to see dormant franchises migrate their way to all new systems decades after the fact, with Sega's Panzer Dragoon (now titled Crimson Dragon) and Rare's Killer Instinct franchise eventually landing on the Xbox One from their respective Sega Saturn and SNES/N64 systems they once resided on. My guess is that Crimson Dragon will be a Kinect focused title primarily due to it's unchanged on-rail style gameplay, which would be a perfect fit for the system's motion tracking capabilities.

As a secondary point to support the possibility of this being a Kinect title as well is the fact that if you look closely at the white/negative space contained within the dragon, it contains the shape of a human with tendrils spreading out of his hands to the rest of the dragon. As long as it's nothing like the ill fated Steel Battalion - Heavy Armor we'll be relatively happy.

Now as for Killer InstinctI, I have to admit that this gave me a good laugh, especially for the fact that the folks at Double Helix games chose to emulate the aesthetics and insanely over the top announcer that embellished/plagued previous installments of the game. While the game is a rather interesting exclusive, we have yet to see whether this somewhat unproven developer can make this franchise compelling again for an all new generation of gamers.

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