May 18, 2013

Tangiers: A Stealth Game With A Hint of Uneasiness and a Touch of Avant Garde

Even with the massive influx of indie developers today, it seems very few take a huge chance with their art direction. To fill the hole of strange and surreal game art, the two-man indie team, Andalusian Games has stepped up with Tangiers, a surreal take on the stealth and exploration genre. Drawing on influences from artists Man Ray, Hans Arp, William Burroughs and Throbbing Gristle, the team is exploring how these avant-garde masterminds can be applied to video games while mixing in gameplay akin to Thief and Dishonored. The result is somewhat horrifying but also incredibly unique.

The ambient track set to the dark and twisted world is uneasy yet beautiful and it really goes to show that taking a chance can be worth it. Not much can really be said about the story other than it will have players exploring a lost city which just so happens to be open-ended. According to the developers the game will change according to the players actions, and while for many games that generally means, "here's an alternative ending!" I'm going to assume Tangiers will show more of a physical change throughout the world.

The game is due out in 2014, which gives us more than enough time to hype the hell out of it. After the break I've included 4 screenshots from the developers page.

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