May 18, 2013

Ghost In The Shell - ARISE Trailer

Production I.G. and Toho Animation bring us our first trailer for Arise, featuring the humble beginnings of Motoko Kusanagi and her team in this pseudo-reboot/prequel series prior to the formation of the secretive Public Security Section 9 team present in all of Masamume Shirow's Ghost In The Shell entries. The series will be released in four 50-minute installments, with Ghost Pain coming out on June 22 in Japan under the helm of new director Kize Kazuchika, formerly a key animator on the series.

Despite a lot of negative backlash to her redesign, I'm personally excited to see a younger, more naive version of Motoko, considering how stoic she's typically been portrayed as in all the other series. In the long run I think it'll give long time fans a more fleshed out understanding of the cyborg heroine while drawing in altogether new audiences.

'Set in the year 2027, a year following the end of the non-nuclear World War IV. A bomb has gone off in Newport City, killing a major arms dealer who may have ties with the mysterious 501 Organization. Public Security official Daisuke Aramaki hires full-body cyber prosthesis user and hacker extraordinaire Motoko Kusanagi to investigate.

On the case with her are 'Sleepless Eye' Batou who believes Kusanagi is a criminal, Niihama Prefecture Detective Togusa who is investigating a series of prostitute murders he believes are related to the incident, and Lieutenant Colonel Kurtz of the 501 Organization who also wishes to keep an eye on Kusanagi. A recurring part of the films will be the mysterous Fire Starter computer virus, as well as looking into the lives of Batou and Togusa before the formation of Public Security Section 9.'

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