May 21, 2013

Queens Of The Stone Age - The "Like Clockwork" Narrative Unfolds

After featuring I Appear Missing a few weeks back amid rumors about the video being part of an overarching narrative that would come together like a puzzle, I couldn't be happier to confirm that it's true. Since May 6th, there's been a total of slew of new music videos: Keep Your Eyes Peeled, Kalopsia and If I Had A Tail, each featuring doomed protagonists meeting their untimely (Or deserved) end in the dystopian, post apocalyptic world that's been crafted for the new album.

In the final installment prior to the release of their June 4th album, My God Is The Sun features all the dead stars from the previous videos resurrecting to witness the birth of a winged sun and the end of the world. Check out the rest of the music videos after the break!

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