May 21, 2013

Tokyo City Symphony Brings Tokyo's Architecture To Life

Tokyo is already an incredibly lively and beautiful city, but with it's busy streets and constant change much of it's population has lost sight of it's architectural beauty. Tokyo City Symphony looks to change  the adapted mindset with not only the citizens of Japan but the world by dynamically changing how we can view the city. Using a 1:1000 scale model of the entire city of Tokyo, Tokyo City Symphony is given an incredible display perfectly set to music using 3D projection. The initial response is captivating and it truly creates an entirely different experience for the city, it almost begins to overtake your initial views on the city. What's even cooler is the entire project provides an a handson experience for you to create your personal Tokyo City Symphony.

By heading over to the Tokyo City Symphony website you can create your own Symphony and probably be lost for a good hour trying to perfect your track. It's damn cool.

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