May 20, 2013

The Art Of Tango Charlie Esquire

Canadian author, illustrator and concept artist Tango Charlie Esquire (Tony Cliff) truly stunned me with his beautiful retro styled illustrations for his equally wonderful webcomic set in 19th century Constantinople, Delilah Dirk. As he quaintly put it himself: 'It's quite possibly the very best webcomic about early 19th-century sword-based international conflict resolution and/or instigation.'

Tony employs a bold, yet clean illustratorial style, derived from a background working in the animation field for a few years. Aside from his Delilah Dirk posters, which are wonderfully reminiscent of retro-tourism posters, he also showed off his versatility by doing a personal series of conceptual character designs for Sony's slick Wipeout franchise for teams including Triakis, Qirex, and Piranha Advancements. Check out more of his appealing art after the break!

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