May 9, 2013

Disney Gives Us A Glimpse Of "Big Hero 6"

For the first time in history, Disney is going to be borrowing from comics for an upcoming animated project, the result of their acquisition of Marvel three years ago. The source material is a little on the baffling side too, opting to borrow from an obscure mini-series called Big Hero 6, a 1998 mini series which came around the time that Marvel was (Unsuccessfully) trying to tap into the burgeoning Japanimation market while it was in full boom.

The movie is going to star Hiro Hamada, a specialist in robotics and his mechanical friend Baymax- who team up with a group of fresh crime fighters to save...San Fransokyo. This teaser gives us a first glimpse at this high tech, stylized city. The  movie is slated for a November 7, 2014 release.

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