Apr 10, 2013

The Glitched Out Art Of Asagiri

Asagiri is a 23 year old illustrator, concept artist and self proclaimed fried chicken lover based out of Tokyo with a unique style that many artists have begun to embrace on Japan's Deviantart equivalent, Pixiv. Similar to artists like NuccoNucco, Asagiri is one of the latest artists to take the typical anime style and send it into a glitched out, graphic dimension filled with ulta saturated colors, random shapes, pixelation, artifacting and more, while still maintaining an odd sense of harmony to their work, with a nice dose of cyberpunk scifi mixed in.

Asagiri is best known for his work providing designs on Ryohei Fuke's Black★Rock Shooter franchise, which has been adapted into an OVA and anime series. Check out more of Asagiri's work after the break!

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