Apr 10, 2013

The Knife : Shaking The Habitual Interview

The elusive Swedish electro duo The Knife (Comprised of siblings) just released Shaking The Habitual, their newest album since 2006's critically acclaimed Silent Shout, which was one of my favorite albums of the last decade. This experimental documentary goes into the process that the two embarked on to redefine, and evolve their music into something new via a series of interview snippets, visuals and music from the new album. If you've ever loved the works of groups like Crystal Castles, Kate Boy, Sonic Youth or The Banshees, I'd highly recommend checking out their body of work.

Check out two music videos released over the last few months featuring tracks from Shaking The Habitual: 'A Tooth For An Eye' and 'Full Of Fire' after the break.

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