Mar 11, 2015

'The Great Promise' Is The Story After Happily Ever After

I recently stumbled across the trailer for Eusong Lee's The Great Promise and was taken aback by the level of polish and potential behind this beautiful student project. A Cal-Arts trained animator hailing from South Korea, Lee's work up until now has been made up of collaborative short-animations that clock-in around an average of one minute.

"...from that day forward she lived happily ever after. Except for the dying at the end. And the heartbreak in between."
The Great Promise looks to be his first long-form narrative short film, however it appears that production on the film has been postponed, hopefully only temporarily.  I'm excited to witness the story of this once-distressed damsel and less-than-idyllic adventures that followed her rescue. If not, at least we have this gorgeous trailer to ponder over what might've been, or what's still to come!

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