Apr 4, 2013

Let's Check Out : The Bridge

In this week's installment of Let's Check Out, Chris and I take a look at The Bridge, a mind bending little indie gem which combines puzzle like mechanics, M.C. Escher style optical illusions and Braid like time powers into an amazing experience. Developed by two people, Ty Taylor and artist Mario Castaneda, the game is now available on Steam. Support indie goodness!

A statement from the creators:
'My name is Ty Taylor, and I have spent the past three years pouring my heart and soul into creating The Bridge, which is releasing on Steam today for Windows. If you’re unfamiliar with The Bridge, it’s a beautiful black-and-white puzzle game set in the impossible mind-bending world of M. C. Escher. The game was created by only two people (myself and artist Mario Castaneda), and our game has gotten quite a bit of praise and attention for its unique design and art style, and it was a PAX 10 winner and IGF nominee (in addition to several other awards).'

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