Apr 4, 2013

Two Brothers; A Love Letter To Link's Awakening

One of my fondest memories growing up was sitting down in the middle of the living room and spending hours exploring the world of Link's Awakening. The game was absolutely mind blowing on a handheld device and some the visuals were pretty damn impressive for the time. ACKK Studios looks to be creating a similar gaming experience with Two Brothers, a top-down action adventure game in a very similar style of Link's Awakening (although I'm sensing sprinkles of Secret of Mana as well).

ACKK Studios claims that this title takes a very serious look at deaths in videos games, transporting them to the "Afterlife Hub" rather than your generic "Game Over" screen. With multiple endings and non-linear world, Two Brothers is quite an impressive feat that I can't wait to dive into. The title hits this Summer on PC, XBLA, WiiU eShop, Mac and Linux.

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