Mar 11, 2013

The Official Weta Workshop Showreel - The Hobbit, LOTR, Avatar, District 9, Tintin, The Chronicles of Narnia

Through thick and thin, dark times and prosperity, one VFX studio has survived the onslaught of outsourcing, thinning profit margins and cutthroat competition by being the best, New Zealand's WETA Workshop. The studio came to prominence following their work on Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings, which I believe landed on their lap following Jackson's experiences working with them during his B-Movie era (Meet The Feebles). Following that movie they've exploded as a creative powerhouse, and with 26 years of experience under their belt, I doubt they'll be disappearing any time soon.

The studio just recently released an updated showreel chronicling a decade or so of accomplishments, Oscar winning visual effects work and memorable designs.

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