Mar 7, 2013

Music Video Roundup : Phoenix, Beach Houses

Reminiscent of Cloud Atlas in it's concept, Phoenix's ambitious new video for their latest track, 'Entertainment' offers us a glimpse of a love story reoccurring over the ages in South Korea, with plenty of conflict thrown in for good measure. Despite it's exotic theme, the distinct alt-rock sound of the French band is as familiar as ever. The track is from their upcoming Bankrupt! album, which you can preorder here before it's April 23 launch.

Eric Wareheim of Tim&Eric fame returns to the music video directing biz for 'Wishes,' bringing along Ray Palmer for an absolutely bizarre appearance as a singer at a retrofuturistic, hybrid sport event. Thanks to the soft lyrical prowess of Beach House's main vocalist, the entire affair is a strangely dreamy, surreal version of a half time sports show. If you want more bizarro retro-futuristic sport music videos, I'd also recommend checking out Justice's awesome 'New Lands' video.

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