Mar 26, 2013

Music Video Roundup - Decibels, Reggie Watts, Sigur Rós

British electro-pop band Decibels just released a delightfully catchy new jam called Ruza, featuring an old man visiting his old haunts while wistfully reminiscing of good times past. Reminiscent of groups like Hot Chip, the track is an eclectic mix of pleasant basslines and percussion with an overall uplifting, summery feel.

Eclectic Method just released an awesome remix to one of Reggie Watts' most memorable tracks, F*** Sh*t Stack, featuring an awesomely glitched out take on the stream of conciousness goodness that the Seattle based artist has unleashed on the music world. Check out the original here.

Taken from the upcoming Sigur Rós album Kveikur, which will be released worldwide on June 17/18, Brennisteinn is a welcome reminder that the group might explore some uncharted territories in their new album. With an aggressive, directed sound compared to their typically very ambient tracks, we're excited for what's to come. Directed by Andrew Huang, who plays with the concept of selective saturation in the rather abstract music video.

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