Mar 25, 2013

Joe Han's Animation Reel : What 14 Years Of Experience Looks Like

I'm baffled that Joe Han is currently looking for a job, as I've never seen a reel this good since starting this blog. Joe was one of the employees affected by the Valve layoffs, which seemed to affect a significant number of former movie industry folks. Gabe Newell alluded to his dissatisfaction with movie industry folks in his recent Reflections Of A VideoGame Maker talk, just a week before that strange layoff.

Joe has had a chance to work at WETA and Valve on the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, King Kong,TinTin, iRobot, Left4Dead, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, including the amazing shorts for Meet The Medic, Meet The Pyro and Mann Vs Machine. This really begs the question, why did he get laid off, considering his stellar contributions to all of Valve's key franchises? We'll probably never know, but I doubt he'll have a hard time getting a new job at one of the best studios out there in no time.

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