Mar 22, 2013

DuckTales Remastered


Do you hear that? That's the sound of thousands of 90's children crying in happiness to what might be one of the best announcements in years. Screw your Durango and PS4, we have an HD remastered DuckTales in the pipeline. Developed by the fantastic team at WayForward (Adventure Time, Contra 4, Mighty Switch Force), DuckTales is set for this Summer.

While most studios would call it good with an HD skin, WayForward isn't like most. While the game looks absolutely gorgeous, the team has expanded upon it further by including more levels, side character development and even reprising roles for the original DuckTales cast. Yes, you heard correctly, the surviving voice actors from the original cartoon are returning for this beautiful reunion.  On top of everything, we're also getting the opportunity to swim in Scrooge's money pool. Holy sh*t, you guys, this is huge!

On top of everything else, Jake Kaufman is also set to remaster the games memorable soundtrack. Capcom has really outdone themselves with this announcement and I couldn't be happier, but let's face it the most important thing to expect from this entire ordeal is a remastered version of this song.

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