Mar 26, 2013

Chasm: Metroidvania Filled Goodness

Fresh out of GDC comes this fantastic trailer for the upcoming title, Chasm. Filled to the brim with Metroidvania style action, this game was destined to hit my list of titles to watch out for. Set for Windows, Mac and Linux, Chasm is a 2D hack n' slash platformer with a twist, following the recent trend in procedurally generated content. Chasm is definitely looking like an incredibly solid title especially if you're like me who's been relatively hard-pressed to find a game with solid replay value.

While the game isn't due til early 2014, there's still no reason for you to not support it early on. If you head over to the game's Steam Greelight page, you can vote for the title to get a little extra publicity and give it the chance to hit the Steam marketplace when it releases. This and next year are already looking fantastic for games especially for the indies, I can't say I'm not excited.

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