Feb 22, 2013

Worth Checking Out: Death Inc. Kickstarter + Prototype Demo

It's been increasingly difficult to find games worth funding on Kickstarter. It's not that there's necessarily bad games, but the sheer amount of worthwhile projects would destroy your wallet in a moments notice. Even with the large quantity of quality Kickstarter projects, every so often a title popups that deserves a little more exposure; this is where Death Inc. comes in.

Developed by the small UK based studio, Ambient Studios, Death Inc. holds some interesting concepts that is definitely worth checking out. With a tight blend of RTS style gameplay, a business management style overworld, and an incredibly charming art style, Death Inc. is at the top of my must haves for Kickstarter initiatives. After spending a little bit of time with the Prototype it becomes increasingly obvious how dedicated the team is to putting out a quality title that won't disappoint. If you're on the fence for supporting the game I can't suggest more that you give the demo a try, while an early build, it definitely shows a lot of promise.

As it currently stands the Kickstarter has 12 days left with about £70,000 of it's required £300,000. Go take a look at the Kickstarter over here and if throw a few dollars at it if you please.

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