Feb 25, 2013

Mondo's 2013 Oscars Poster Roundup

Mondo unleashed a whole slew of posters related to this years Oscar nominated films, spanning from Tarantino's wild Django Unchained to Paul Thomas Anderson's understated The Master. Yet again, the posters went on sale and were gone in a matter of minutes, so only a lucky few were able to get their hands on these amazing creations, crafted by juggernauts like Tyler Stout, Kilian Eng, Olly Moss (Above) and others.

Check out 8 more amazing posters after the break, and if you've got deep pockets you can try your hand at getting yourself a print over on the auction blocks of Ebay.

The Master by Laurent Durieux (Edition of 385)
Brave by David Petersen (Edition of 330)
Argo by Kilian Eng (Edition of 325)
Django Unchained by Rick Kelly (Edition of 135)
Django Unchained by Tyler Stout (Edition of 700)
Paranorman by DKNG (Edition of 290)
Wreck It Ralph by Tom Whalen (Edition of 230)
Zero Dark Thirty by Jock (Edition of 165)

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