Feb 26, 2013

Making Of By BUF: Life Of Pi, Thor, Enter The Void

The Parisian VFX studio called BUF has been around since 1984, providing visual effects for dozen of projects over the years, and they've just recently started to embrace a social presence. The company originally started off working on French movies and advertising work before getting their big break in the US market with City Of Lost Children and Fight Club.

The collective just recently uploaded a few making of featurettes, covering their recent work done in collaboration with Rythm & Hues for Ang Lee's Life Of Pi, Thor, and Gaspar Noe's mind bending Enter The Void, which until viewing the making of had baffled me with it's seemingly impossible one take shots.

Unlike some other VFX studio websites I've had a chance to visit, they have an exhaustive collection of making of featurettes, production notes for their latest projects and more, so I'd highly recommend checking their work out on the official BUF website. Check out two other making of reels and the companies 2012 showreel after the break!

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