Jan 10, 2013

Worth Checking Out : The Rivet Wars Kickstarter

I've always admired the more complex tabletop games, having had my fair share of Warhammer/40k fanatics as friends, yet was intimidated by the needs for purchasing Codexes for rules, painting and the steep cost of maintaining such a hobby. If you fall into that category, it looks like the folks over at CoolMiniOrNot might have a solution, a more accessible version of the tabletop game, mixed with an adorable, chunky art style reminiscent of Nintendo's fantastic Advance Wars series.

Rivet Wars' art style translated fantastically into miniature form, courtesy of Ted Terranova's twisted imagination and experience as a concept artist at companies like Big Huge Games and Sony Online. Created from the ground up to offer a more streamlined experience for more casual players, I'd definitely recommend checking this out. Check out the Kickstarter pitch video below!

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