Jan 10, 2013

Quentin Depieux's "Wrong"

Quentin Depieux, the French electro artist (Mr. Oizo) turned director returns to blow our minds yet again with another exercise in the absurd and seemingly nonsensical. We had a chance to check out his debut feature, 'Rubber' last year, and were truly blown away by the truly meta story about a tire coming to life and using it's telekinetic powers to turn people's heads into minced watermelon. Despite it's creative premise though, the movie did err a little into being a tad too nonsensical at times.

As his second feature, WRONG will hopefully address this issue and channel Depieux's raw creative prowess into a more palatable, cohesive feature. The trailer does a great job at setting the tone and explaining just about nothing, but from what I gleaned it has something to do with a man obsessed with looking for his lost canine companion before his perception of reality completely shatters into a thousand little fragments.

The movie also features one of my favorite niche actors, William Fichtner (Aka bizarro Christopher Walken) as an acid burned enigmatic figure with plenty of advice to give the troubled protagonist (Jack Plotnick). As a side note, the trailer ends on various people simply asking, 'Why?' A theme that Depieux heavily touched on in Rubber as a means of stating that not everything needs to be spelled out for the audience. We're looking forward to checking this out when it gets a theatrical release on March 29th in the US. Check out the movie poster after the break!

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