Jan 31, 2013

Finding Franklin

Last June, this very touching short film by Alex Bohs was made a reality by a Kickstarter fund.  Recently, it was brought to light for all to see.  Created by Bohs with the help of his former Columbia College classmates, it is a wonderful film to transition the group from student filmmakers to independent filmmakers.

The heartwarming story follows a young woman who has recently lost her grandfather.  As she goes through the grieving process (the initial phone call, the gathering of the personal belongings, etc), and interesting and unexpected facet of her late grandfather's life is brought to light.

The feeling of nostalgia and remembrance is executed beautifully!  Touching on some of the same topics as shown in 'Finding Franklin', Bohs also has another short in the works, with just a few days left for funding over at Kickstarter.  Definitely give it a look.

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