Jan 31, 2013

C 299,792 km/s - Retro-futurism And Scifi Collide

'We have the knowledge and the means. All we lack is the will.' With these final words, Derek Van Gorder and Otto Stockheimer's retro-futuristic proof of concept came to a close, and we were left wanting more.

is the product of a crowdfunding initiative, having surpassed it's goal via Kickstarter sometime in late 2011. Fast forward to two years later and the short film turned out even better than I could have imagined, choosing a more subtle, retro narrative style and circumventing just about every modern movie convention out there. From their bold choice for a protagonist (Caroline Winterson), who perfectly played a calculating alpha female to the brilliant usage of a Carl Sagan-esque figure to provide exposition for the world in a lovely retro-documentary format throughout the short.

The short follows the exploits of Lieutenant Commander Malleck and her act of humanity aboard a warship called the Kestros IV, choosing to turn a weapon of mass destruction into an engine for the future (Literally). Is a feature length adaptation in the cards for these indie filmmakers? We sure hope so. Check out the original trailer below or comparison, as well as the original mission statement as the directors put it themselves.

  • C is 299,792 kilometers per second.
  • C is the speed of light.
  • C is about the human drive to explore, to break boundaries, to survive.
  • C is a new way to experience science fiction, forgoing CGI and greenscreen in favor of homemade optical effects.
  • C is a longtime dream of ours that we are finally making a reality

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