Dec 18, 2012

The Rift - Storm Legions Art Dump

The fine folks over at Trion just recently did an impressively massive art dump of 3D art and concept work created for the recently released Rift : Storm Legion on their personal websites, so we've aggregated a ton of work from the talented art team.

Among the artist featured on this dump, we've got Levi Hopkins on environment art, Tyler James on boss concepts, Herman NG for creature and character concepts, and Hai Phan as a generalist/jack of all trades (Concept, modeling, texturing). A ton of work and long hours went into creating this expansion, so it was kind of disheartening to hear that Trion had laid off a good chunk of their staff just recently, including a portion of the art staff. Not exactly the type of thanks you look forward to after spending a few months crunching and putting all your passion into a project. Check out the fruits of their labor after the break!

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