Dec 18, 2012

Epic Mickey 2 Concept Art By Kevin Chin

Did anyone play Epic Mickey 2? It felt like the game was released under a blanket of major AAA titles and forgotten about. I loved the art style of the first game and though I would have loved the original, darker direction that the game was planned to have (because Steam Punk Mickey seemed so cool) the first adventure turned out pretty fun. The game had some amazing concept art and the second game is no exception, but it really did feel like the sequel flew under the radar, overshadowed by the debut of the WiiU.

Still, this concept art by Kevin Chin provides us with a look at the Disney world we grew to love, with many hidden, grotesque figures, buildings and carvings. Whilst I can't speak for the game I imagine it must be halfway decent, though I've been fooled many times before. It really seems like they put their all into the sequel and came up with many interesting and original ideas to flesh out the distorted world of Epic Mickey. Check out a ton more concept art after the break!

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