Dec 3, 2012

NYC Takes Fashion To The Future

When we think of the future, the image that often comes to the mind revolves around one of the most famous films of all time, and the almighty, retrofuturistic car that made us ponder a future of flux capacitors and flying cars. Back To The Future is known for it's futuristic looking redesign of a car that was so ahead of it's time that it failed once, the DeLorean, which immortalized the vehicle into the collective nerd conciousness. So would you like to take a ride in one around Downtown NY?

Mike Lubrano converted DeLoreans into working taxis that look like Back to the Future time machines as part of a promotion for a fashion line called Nooka, and gave us all a nostalgic new look to a car design we all love so much. Check out some more shots of the decked out DeLorean cabs after the break!

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