Dec 10, 2012

Attack On Titan Gets The Anime Treatment

I'd been wondering lately what the folks at Production I.G. (Ghost In The Shell, Patlabor, End Of Evangelion) had been working on as of late, considering that the anime studio had been relatively quiet since 2009's thriller series, Eden Of The East. Yet to my surprise we received a tip this morning about the debut trailer for their exciting new project based off of Hajime Isayama's renown manga, 'Attack On Titan' (進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin).

The manga, which takes place in a world where humans are reduced to living in fortresses due to the sudden, mysterious appearance of Titans, humanoid entities seemingly devoid of motives that seek to devour humans. I coincidentally had a chance to read a few chapters just a few weeks back, and was engrossed by the quest of the protagonists to find the true meaning behind the appearance of these monstrous creatures. With some stellar looking animation and I.G.'s track record, this will definitely be an anime worth checking out in 2013.

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