Nov 12, 2012

Windows 8 - Operating Under The Influence

I've been wary about Windows 8 ever since I heard about the radical change in direction, the Metro UI which mimicked a console or touch tablet style experience, and the closed market system based off of the entire app model. At first I didn't quite understand why companies like Valve were so vocal about their hatred of this direction, until I realized that they would charge developers a percentage of all revenue (30%) for all income generated from said apps. Via this route, Windows seems to be headed into a more 'closed' platform approach, where they need to certify 'apps' (Really?) from developers..Something which PC gaming companies haven't really had to deal with unless they were working on a console style platform (Xbox Live) or mobile (iTunes, etc).

That aside, a whole other issue came from the UX (User experience) standpoint, and the transition that most traditional PC users would have to make to work on such a vastly different interface, with some exceptions. This video, created by a focus testing group set out to perform a very interesting test: Having a heavy PC user take the OS for a spin after a few drinks. Needless to say, witnessing this pretty much sealed the deal for me. On a side note, I'm just going to bet that via the Metro UI, those pretty colored tiles will be a perfect avenue for the company to introduce/shove ads onto your OS down the line..An approach that has pissed off Xbox Live users to no end as of the last few months (Myself included).

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