Nov 12, 2012

The Art Of Ddddak - East Meets West

I've got a soft spot for cetrain Korean concept artists due to the fact that from what I've seen, their style channels influences that I typically wouldn't expect into their formula. I don't mean to generalize too much here, but when we look at say, a Japanese digital artist, there's typically some form of anime influence in there at the core. Chinese concept artists also have a certain look to their work, mainly drawing off of thousands of years of rich Chinese lore as a springboard.

Over a few years of checking out the work coming out of the different countries, I've noticed that Korean artists like Choi Keun Hoon (Ddddak) seem to step out of their continent and draw influence from western and eastern European painters, a shift that has been historically noted as occurring in the post WWII period. As a result, Korean concept art typically stands out to me as an interesting melting pot of east meets west, with Choi being a great example of this painterly, hybrid style in my opinion. Check out more of his awesome art after the break!

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