Nov 17, 2012

RoboCop Licensing Video Raises Some Eyebrows

Note: We apologize for the Dailymotion video, as the video is no longer available on Youtube.

I had to pinch myself. Had to pinch myself hard today, after watching this laughably bad reel created for licensing purposes related to the atrocious sounding 2013/14 reboot of Robocop. I though this movie was going to be bad after seeing the widely panned redesigns and hearing the premise, but MGM miraculously managed to sink my opinion of the reboot to depths I hadn't even fathomed. In addition to having production values reminiscent of a 1990's training video for Domino's pizza, the video also introduces us to the true masterminds behind a reboot that has left everyone asking the same simple question: 'Why?'

First of all, Jose Pedilha: 'Visionary' director of the renown, award winning 'Elite Squad' franchise. Doesn't ring a bell? Well don't worry about it. Jose enlightens us with fascinating facts in this video, including how 'Robocop is a mechanical, high tech, futuristic cop.' No shit? When asked to talk about his vision for the movie, he summed it up perfectly : 'I do have a lot of robots flying around and kicking ass. IT'S GOING TO BE COOL.'

And Eric Newman, producer extraordinaire, who doesn't quite shy away from letting us know how exciting the movie is with this fine quote:  'There's Call of Duty style shootouts against these things.'

I'm f***ing speechless.

From this.
As the final nail in the coffin, we're presented with a sliver of hope when the video presents a riff off of the classic Robocop suit, before being told that it gets 'improved' in the movie to the generic, matte black version that most people have come to despise.

To this. Goddamnit.
That thin sliver from the original source material just comes off as a thinly veiled way of preying on our nostalgia before feeding us a generic, gritty hunk of stale action film, created from the ground up as a merchandising vehicle this time around. Even with a 'star studded' cast comprised of folks like Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman, I'm still seeing a half-assed reboot coming together. And with all the talk abut this reboot making great toys, we're probably looking at a PG-13 movie, at best.

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