Nov 19, 2012

Nandan Ghiya's Glitch Portraits

Nandan Ghiya's 'The Dreamer' series was created as a commentary on the internet age, and the result of being bombarded on a daily basis with as he put it, an excess of visual stimuli. The Jaipur, India based artist created this excellent series of deconstructed portraits with a mixed media approach, using photography, acrylics and found objects to turn normal portraits into glitched out, corrupted interpretations of traditional art.

Nandan also seems to follow the 'everything has become a remix' mentality, although I get the impression that he might not see it as a positive change: 'We all recycle, clip and cut, remix and upload. We can make images do anything. All we need is an eye, a brain, a camera, a phone, a laptop, a scanner, a point of view. And when we’re not editing, we’re making. We’re making more than ever, because our resources are limitless and the possibilities are endless.'

Check out more of his glitched out portraits after the break.

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