Nov 4, 2012

Monster Roll Looks Absolutely Awesome

On paper, Monster Roll seems like a perfect premise for a made for TV flick that you'd see on a channel like Syfy or made by the lowest common denominator of cheap cash in flicks, Asylum (Sharknado, much?), but this high quality proof of concept is something I'd like to see get made.

Created by Dan Blank, Monster Roll follows a group of sushi chefs standing up against an invasion of sea monsters, and a right to keep creating delicious sushi. Despite being out for about three months now, the short just got noticed recently and has been causing quite a stir, even garnering praise from folks like Duncan Jones (Director of Moon, Source Code) and others. Give them a like on Facebook if you like what you see, as these fine folks are planning on getting a Kickstarter going to hopefully make this project a reality. Check out the making of and faux-ficial movie poster after the break!

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