Oct 12, 2012

Will King Kong: The Musical Be The 8th Wonder Of The World?

Movie buffs could easily argue that King Kong is one of the most iconic film properties of all time. The 2005 Peter Jackson adaptation was amazing, but was far too long with a large amount of bulk that could have been cut. The 1976 adaptation wasn't bad either, but ever since I was young I've been obsessed with the original, 1933 version.

I guess I'm just a little fixated on the look of classic stop-motion animation, which CGI just hasn't been able to replicate (Even though Paranorman had us fooled). So when I saw this video I was blown away. Whilst it remains a preview of what will be coming in May 2013, it also shows one of the greatest animatronic setups I've ever seen. Kong is taking down the stage again! Lets hope that we get to see this Australian adaptation of the classic spread overseas.

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