Oct 12, 2012

The Goon Kickstarter

It's a special thing when an adult oriented (not XXX adult, but not a kid flick either) animation is made. Eric Powell's comic book 'The Goon' is in development to be made into a full length feature, to be headed up by Blur Studios. You might have already seen some of the work around online, but the truth of the matter is, it hasn't been funded yet. All the work you've seen has been proof of concept work, as a way to get people riled up about the film. And while we can certainly see the potential in such a raunchy animation, funding has been difficult for the studio to come by. Check out the proof of concept trailer above, and take a peek on over at their Kickstarter page! We really want this film to be made, to pave the road for other such films that we (and possibly you) desperately want to see.

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