Oct 24, 2012

Team Fortress 2: World War Boo!

Team Fortress 2 has officially begun updating for the Halloween season! Every year Team Fortress 2 uses it's unique style to create a spooktacular update with new weapons, maps and a boss enemy. In the past we've had the Horseless Headman Horsemann and the almighty Monoculus, though this years could possibly be the most unique and frightening... 

Though we don't know the full details, we know at least a few things; we might be fighting armies of Racoons (which would make TF2 the greatest game of all time) and that zombie reskins of the classes have appeared hidden within during recent updates . Though for now everything is speculation, we can at least enjoy the comic prequel. The soldier has got the Team Fortress crew into a mess, and it proves the age old saying correct:  You don't annoy powerful ex-roommates who have the ability to mess with the dark arts. Check out the prequel comic to the Halloween game mode after the jump and prepare yourself for one spooky update....

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