Oct 26, 2012

Skate 3 GLitching - If It's Broke, Don't Fix It

As the scope of games have become more and more massive and complex over the course of the last decade or so, it's been tougher and tougher to iron out all the bugs and glitches at launch for most AAA titles. Some of these bugs yield nasty results like destroying saves, corrupting files or making it impossible to progress, while others yield absolutely hilarious results while also being harmless.

From Mass Effect 3's countless launch glitches to Red Dead Redemption's infamous animation 'issues,' it's become somewhat accepted that games aren't always polished to perfection. Yet in the case of EA's Skate 3, let's just conclude that they rushed the product out and decided to say, 'F*** it,' as showcased by this 10 minute compilation of utter physics based insanity, culminating in skaters flying like birds or being blasted  into the stratosphere for daring to step on inert wooden planks. Thank you HelixSnake, for dedicating that much time to showing off just how amazingly broken this game is.

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