Oct 22, 2012

Make: Believe - Sculpting Toys With Scott Hensey

The awesome debut of the Make Believe series features a spotlight on Scott Hensey, a man whom you've probably never heard of by name, but has probably been part of your childhood at some point. As a toy sculptor, Scott got his start working on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles before it got big and has been doing it since (Over 30 years to count).

From action figures to cereal promo toys to McDonalds happy meal toys, it's fascinating to hear just how many classic toys this one man has contributed to (Star Wars, Pixar, Disney, Playmates, Tomy, Bandai, etc). The best part about it all is just how humble the man is and how much he loves his work for the fact that he puts smiles on kids faces. If you want to check out just how much work this man has put out, check out his company website over at Toysculpt.com. Loive it.

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