Oct 22, 2012

CYPHER: Cyberpunk Text Adventure

Early in September an indie text adventure game was released with little to no press, completely escaping my knowledge that it even existed. Fast forward to the end of October and here I am ready to rant over how much I love this game. CYPHER, at it's core, is a text adventure game (yes, the kind where you type each and every action) but the way it's presented is so goddamn sexy that I find it impossible not to love.

In order to fully immerse the player into the Cyberpunk world of NeoSushi, the Cabrera Brothers have provided some incredible art for each scene in the game. I found myself pushing forward to not only continue the story, but also see what would unfold within the games art. Along with the impressive art, the game is also accompanied by ambient sounds and music offering an impressive level immersion that seems to be lacking from a lot of current-gen games.

Among hundreds of text adventure games, CYPHER stands above the rest, proving that there is still room for innovation in a genre that many believe to be dead. If you're a fan of cyberpunk, detective noir, text adventures, art, or just plain fun I highly suggest picking CYPHER up for only $15 on their website.

If you're still on the fence hit the jump for a few pieces of art from the game.

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