Mar 30, 2012


Beholder has some crazy dreadlocks! (via)

Wayne Reynolds is one of the most prolific contemporary fantasy illustrators. Ever since the introduction of D&D 3rd Edition rules and the infamous d20 universal system, Wayne has been a central piece in the visual transformation of the RPG fantasy setting. Along with Brom  and Todd Lockwood they refreshed the looks of not only a 40+ year old world of dices, character sheets, and geekdom, but the general appeal and tone of the fantasy illustration of that decade; gritty, stark, dark and anti- epic.

Mr. Reynolds is maybe the more active of the trio, with prominent works on the alternative and popular fantasy setting Pathfinder, where he seems to be the lead artist.

After the break a selection of really awesome illustrations, the right dose of inspiration to get you up to remove the dust of those long forgotten rulebooks. Enjoy

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