Jul 29, 2011

Transient Man: A Kickstarter Worth Checking Out

Art by Bruno 'Nox' Gore
Knowing the guys behind this project, we'd love to give a shout out to the Kickstarter for Transient man, an awesome comic book looking for funding to get a full scale graphic novel release. Transient revolves around a homeless guy in San Francisco who finds himself believing that he might be the only man capable of saving the earth, universe and beyond after having a little too much cough syrup and other fun substances. He embarks on a fantastic journey across time and different dimensions, but the question remains...Is it all in his head, or is he truly the 'chosen one?'

The fact that 151 pages out of 212 are available for free on the Transient Man website will definitely prove that this comic is truly something special. The artist behind this comic, Coro Kaufman is one of the main guys behind Massive Black, the concept art studio that we've featured multiple times on this website. I even remember when he critiqued my art a few years back at one of the Massive Black concept art workshops, aside from being an insanely good artist, he's also a super cool guy. If you guys have a few bucks to spare, donate to help this guys project (which has been in the making for a few years) get out there. Donate on the Transient Man Kickstarter page! Check out some of the amazing art and video created for the project after the break.

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