Feb 2, 2011

19 Huskies in Costume

A fluffy compilation of huskies in an array of costumes.  Sure, most of these pups don't look exactly thrilled.  But we're entertained, and that's what matters.

El Diablo!

More adorable, ridiculous huskies after the jump!

Fairy Husky

The Count

Not so thrilled Bee Husky

Bat Husky

Puffy Fairy Husky 

Super Husky


Gypsy Husky

Husky In Bloom!

Depressed Witch Husky

Baa Husky

Smug King Husky

Housemaid Husky(I want two <3)

Jester Husky

Ram Husky

Le Skonk Husky

Flamin' Hot Husky

El Diablo 2 Husky!

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