Dec 20, 2010

Minecraft Beta Arrives

So, like most people on the internet, I have become addicted to the game Minecraft. Well, there is even more reason for me never to leave the house again, the Beta has arrived! 

This means slowly over the next few months, we will get major updates to the gameplay, graphics and the fun that you can have playing the game. And if you aren't playing the game......what's the excuse?

You can have some major fun not only playing the single player, but creating masterpieces in the Multiplayer. So raise your glasses, and I shall see you on the Mega64ums server, where I spend most of my time (, and if you play, you can donate for the upkeep of the server at on Paypal, because Server Upkeep isn't cheap sirs!), where I hope we can create some amazing art and have some major fun.

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