Mar 11, 2015

Tonko House Announce Storybook Sequels To 'The Dam Keeper'

We've been following the production of Dice Tsutumi and Robert Kondo's short-film The Dam Keeper for quite some time now. Having finally had the chance to see it amid the remarkable hub-bub over its Academy Awards nomination(!), I can say confidently without a doubt that the film was entirely worth the wait.

But if you're worried that the achingly short, if gorgeous, short-film was the only product of its three-plus development time, worry no more! There's still more of The Dam Keeper to come in the form of two illustrated storybooks published by First Second Books slated for release next year!

The Dam Keeper deserves all the praised it's garnered and then-some. A poignantly beautiful testament to the patience and artistry of hand-drawn animation. Tsutumi and Kondo have assembled an all-star team of talented illustrators and animators and I can't wait to see what they share with us in the years to come!

(The Dam Keeper is available for purchase through iTunes and Amazon)

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