Feb 9, 2015

Sideshow’s H.R Giger Alien Space Jockey Maquette

Hans Rudolf Giger, better known as H.R. Giger, would have turned 75 years old this past Thursday. A surrealist painter and sculptor infamous for his macabre sexually-infused subject matter, Giger's most iconic work was for Ridley Scott's seminal space-horror series Alien; The titular antagonist of the film being inspired by the night-terror fueled painting Necronom IV.

Along with acting as the film's most prominent visual set designer, his second great creation is that of the colloquially-named Space Jockey, the mummified pilot of the derelict spacecraft where Ripley and her crew discover the lair of the Alien. Though he had long since retired from painting, trading in the color pallets and night terrors for floral-patterned crocs and prime-time television up until his death, Giger's dark and brooding legacy hang low and heavy on the visual language of science-fiction horror today.

That's where Sideshow Collectibles comes in with their painstakingly-rendered Space Jockey Maquette. Sized at 21" high, 18" wide and 23" long, the Space Jockey is currently priced at a whompin' $600 USD and is expected to ship anywhere between December 2015 and February 2016. Pre-orders are available now through Sideshow's personal store-front.  Check out some killer pictures of the statuette just below the break!

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