Feb 2, 2015

Play Art's Kai Variant Iron Man Three-Point-Lands This June

Square Enix, besides being the studio of flamboyant JRPG staple Final Fantasy and the equally iconic Dragon Quest series, are also the manufacturers of some of the most thoroughly bad-ass collectibles around with their Play Arts Kai line of licensed action-figures.

We've had nothing but mad love for their runs of Metal Gear Solid and Nolan Bat-verse before, and this Iron Man variant does nothing to buck that trend. Announced at last year's Comic-Con, The Play Arts Kai Variant Iron Man is the first in a series of redesigned Marvel superheroes re-imagined by Tetsuya Nomura himself! The figure, which comes with multiple interchangeable hands, leg missile attachments, exhaust pieces, and a figure stand, is set for release this June and is priced at 9,080 Yen (roughly $77 USD).

This certainly isn't the craziest figure they've come out with (i.e Nomura-san's Batman variant), but it is one that could actually see myself purchasing. The inverted-color pallet works extraordinarily well with this figure, so much so I wish this costume would see an appearance in either the comics or live-action movie universe.

The figure's coloring and stature evoke  nostalgic memories of watching the Sentai knock-off show Superhuman Samurai Sybersquad as a kid, so that could also be a reason behind its appeal. Check past the break for more awesome pics!

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