Jan 8, 2015

The Trouble Starts - Faulkner

The music video for The Trouble Starts' lead single Faulkner opens with a cabal of academics and literary critics exhuming the corpse of William Faulkner and performing an arcane ritual to resurrect his spirit so he can write another great work. What's not to like? What follows is a desperate chase through the streets of New York and beyond, as the ghostly luminary searches for his muse in a world that has long since moved on without him.

But seriously though, Anton Bogaty's Hanna-Barbera-esque animations, combined with the beautifully effective stock photo backgrounds, scratches my nostalgia-inch while also tickling the literature nerd in me. Check out his online portfolio, and if you're vibing with track go snatch up a copy of the band's latest album titled "West".

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