Dec 17, 2014

Time Trap

Time Trap is a gut-bursting hilarious sci-fi comedy romp through the multi-verse. When a cosmic engineer's ship richochets through an asteroid field and crash lands on a long-abandoned planet, he must use a chronological travel device known as a "time trap" to scavenge replacement parts throughout the planet's past and repair his ship to return home. What happens along the way is a series of hysterical vignettes and jaw-dropping special effects.

With a Doctor Who-style theatrics and a Looney Tunes flair for physical comedy, Time Trap is tightly-packed, well-oiled machine of a short film that lands its punches and never runs out of ways to surprise you. Director Michael Shanks is a VFX-wunderkind, with only 23 years of life under his belt and already courting the attention and talent of industry folks like Guy Pearce. We're keeping our eyes on this guy.

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