Dec 27, 2014

'The Landing' is a Phenomenal Short-film of Poise and Substance

Damn. Right on the heels of last week's stellar sci-fi short Anomaly comes another equally captivating short film of mesmerizing tone and visual grace.

. A man argues frantically with a 911 dispatcher as he marches into a barren field, touting a shovel in hand. August 6th, 1960. A young boy named Edward plays a game of army-men versus aliens on his front porch before witnessing an frightening omen of cosmic significance.

"The program you are about to hear is largely fiction; Science-fiction. We make no guarantee however how long it will remain fiction."
These two seemingly-disparate stories dove-tailed into The Landing; A beautiful 20-minute short film about the love between a father and his son, innocence lost, and how the sins of the past come to bear on our future. The film's already racked up five nominations and eleven wins from festivals across the world, even eliciting talks of a Oscar nomination for best short film. And it's not hard to see why. Take some time out of your day to check this one out; It's undoubtedly something special.

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